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Live the best experience in digital security, with AntivirusAmericas. We are authorized Avast distributors. We guarantee your peace of mind with this powerful product that offers you the protection you need for your equipment and at the best cost on the market.

IT Professionals

It optimizes the productivity, the operation and the security of the computer network of the companies …

Company Owner

Go one step ahead, include new competitive aspects to position yourself in the market by ensuring your data …

Organizations and Institutions

Computer skills to face the digital transformation process with complete information and data security

All the necessary functions in one package

Our Avast antivirus product is the fastest and most complete protection for your company or business, it is powered by the largest threat detection network in the world. The power of 400 million terminals, combined with unique detection algorithms, in addition to a set of features, all in one package, allows detecting and blocking any threat, faster and more reliably than any other software, this combination guarantees the security of all your equipment and of course your data and information.



Web Shield


Behavior Shield

Email Shield


Real Site

Browser Cleaning

Remote Access Module (optional)


REMOTE DESKTOP (REMOTE ACCESS) allows you to take full control of all your PCs from anywhere in the world. With the CloudCare agent, connect securely to any device. This tool works remotely, solves problems, performs tasks, restarts computers, transfers files, and you can also chat with users.
  • Work remotely
  • Transfer files
  • Record screen sessions
  • Text, audio and video chat
  • Draw on screen
  • Virtual pointer
  • Share remote screen
  • Share local screen
  • Dual monitor support
  • View system resources
  • Remote computer restart

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